One Word Substitutions Quiz-2: SSC CGL & CPO

One Word Substitutions Quiz for SSC-CGL,SSC-DEO/LDC/UDC & SSC-CPO

One Word Substitution English quiz for SSC CGL, SSC CPO, Railway, Bank PO and Other Exam:Career Power
One Word Substitution English Quiz-SSC,Police,Bank,Railway

"One words Substitution" for every competitive examination like SSC, Railway,Delhi Police, SSC CGL, SSC-CPO etc. अकसर  SSC की  परीक्षा में यह repeat  होता है/ 5 प्रश्न SSC-CGL Tier-I में और 10 प्रश्न SSC-CGL Tier-II में पूछे जाते हैं /  Career Power Team are Posting here some important One Word Substitution that was commonly asked in various Competitive examination.

1.  A person who solve the dispute of two persons- Arbitrator
2. One who helps in Crime- Accomplice

3. One who does not believes in existing of God - Atheist
4. One who believes in existing of God - Theist
5. One who is not sure in existence of God - Agnostic (asked in SSC CGL 2012)
6. One who behaves like woman- Effeminate (asked in SSC CPO)
7. One who is womanish in nature- Effeminate
8. One who is foolishly devoted to an idea- Chauvinist (asked in SSC CPO)
9. One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession - Amateur
10. A love making person for amusement- Philanderer
11. One who collects the coin- Numismatist (asked in SSC CGL 2012)
12. A hater of Knowledge and learning - Misologist
13. A government where power is concentrated - Autocracy
14. One who has no money to pay debt - Insolvent (asked in SSC Delhi Police SI)
15. One who hates humankind/mankind - Misanthrope
16. A lover of food - Gourmand
17. One who hates marriage - Misogamist
18. One who hates woman- Misogynist
19. An animal that eat flesh - Carnivorus
20. An animal that is equally in Home, Land and water - Amphibious
21. Any office with good salary but no work - Sinecure (asked in SSC Delhi Police)
22. An office for which no salary is paid - Honorary
23. A place where one lives permanently - Domicile
24. The scientific study of insects - Entomology (asked in SSC CPO 2012)
25. Something to be corrected in a printed book - Corrigendum

We will Post Some other collection of One Words Substitution in next post.